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Environmental Stewardship

Woodland & Agroforestry Management

Wetland & Grassland

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Land Management

We undertake the day to day management of all the habitats from hedgerows and woodlands to grasslands and wetlands.

Albanwise Environment are professional environmental land managers
who manage the environmental features to a high standard, ensuring that your land has thriving habitats and species.

Environmental Stewardship

Albanwise Environment provide a complete environmental stewardship service from initial farm appraisals, scheme design, liaison with statutory bodies and stakeholders, scheme submission, scheme establishment and ongoing scheme delivery.

We can sow you a magnificent wild bird seed mix for small farmland birds and create you a wonderful wetland using our experienced in-house team and trusted expert contractors.


environmental stewardship
Woodland & Agroforestry Management

Albanwise Environment offer an all round woodland management service from the selection of a site for woodland or agroforestry creation, the sourcing of suitable tree stock through planting and thinning operations.

In Norfolk we use our inhouse forestry team for all planting and management tasks. In other parts of the UK we work with a team of trusted contractors.

Wetland and Grassland

Albanwise Environment are experienced land managers who know what it takes to deliver flourishing habitats. We can manage all aspects of grassland management from sward establishment, finding a suitable grazier to injurious weed and rush control operations.


We also have years of experience in what it takes to create large wetland habitats from arable land and develop them into high quality areas supporting numerous bird species.

Habitat & Biodiversity Surveying

Albanwise Environment can provide you with professional baseline surveys of your farm habitats and species. These surveys can form the building blocks for more detailed analysis of your landholdings Natural Capital and Biodiversity Net Gain opportunities.



albanwise tractor in front of wind turnbines
A Complete Farming, Environment and Renewable Energy Service

Albanwise Environment is a sister company to Albanwise Farming Ltd and Albanwise Synergy which allows us to provide you with a complete rural land management service if required.